About us

A true family company since 2006

Healthy Pets - Piensos Naturales have been committed to importing and distributing to you the finest GM Free certified pet foods imported from the UK.

With this in mind our warehouse is climate controlled to ensure all products are sent to you in optimum condition!!! We provide a range of natural pet foods, treats and products, many of them award winning, that have been developed to provide optimum nutrition for your pet using GM free 100% natural ingredients. Easily maintain your dog's health and well-being, at an affordable price.  The entire range of products have been trialled in house before offering to you.

  • Super Premium products
  • Award winnning products and companies
  • Affordable price
  • Second to none customer service
  • Wellness of your pet our priority


 I was recommended this food by Healthy Pets after discussing at great lengths with Louise the problems we were experiencing with itchy skin and stomach problems. We have nothing but praise for the food, we have found it excellent and Sams problems after 6 weeks have now cleared up, the stomach problems went away almost immediately and then the skin cleared up just like they told me it would. I can not recommend it highly enough it is not just a good food but for our Sam an excellent food.

James Philpott

Just wanted to say that dealing with Piensos Naturales is a delight! Spoke with Louise yesterday and she answered all of our questions, explained her products superbly and left us to make the decision without forcing us towards a certain brand. Second day in, our fussy dog to end all fussy dogs, has munched down his Luath´s holistic dinner! We haven´t even had to employ the 5 minute rule, so it must smell delicious to him! No colourants, all natural, plus his poo (TMI sorry! Lol.) is no longer rainbow coloured. Already! It´s doing him good and he enjoys it! Cheers Louise until next month! .

Gemma Maz