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Why do different cats need a specific recipe?

Published : 01/10/2021 20:38:19
Categories : Health

Cats require food which is suited to their specific physiological and physical needs. Our recipes are formulated not just for

different life stages, but for lifestyles too.

 Kitten: Kittens grow quickly, within 6 months they will have reached approximately 75% of their adult body weight and so getting their diet right is vital to help them grow from a kitten into a healthy cat.

     Our complete kitten recipe is formulated to provide young cats with the balanced nutrition and increased energy content that they require during growth. This includes a higher level of protein, rich in essential amino acids to support healthy muscle growth and added vitamin E to help support the immune system. The smaller kibble size of a kitten recipe also helps to make meal times easily manageable.

                                                                                                        Adult Cat:                                 

Unlike dogs, cats cannot synthesize all amino acids within their body and so it is essential that these are provided in the diet to maintain their health.

     To meet all the nutritional requirements of adulthood, adult cats require a high quality diet able to support their needs. Our complete recipes have been formulated with nutritionally balanced levels of vitamins and minerals to help maintain everyday health and wellbeing of adult cats.

      Sterilised/ Neutered: Sterilisation/neutering is recommended for pet cats, however it is known to be a risk factor for obesity, as it may lead to an increased appetite and reduced activity level. Our recipe has been specifically formulated to help balance against these changes.

       Fussy Eaters: It’s well known that cats can be rather particular about what’s in their food bowl. With this in mind, our recipe has been carefully formulated to ensure that it is especially palatable to cats, so that meal times continue to be a source of enjoyment for even the fussiest felines.

Weight Control: Undesirable excess body weight is linked with multiple health concerns for cats. Our complete diet is low in fat to help support weight control, without compromising on taste. It has also been formulated with additional joint pack to help maintain healthy joints.

         Indoor: Increased city living has led to more cats living indoors, but this environment can limit their amount of exercise. To counteract against the risk of unwanted weight gain, our recipe has been formulated with a lower energy content to help indoor cats maintain a normal weight.

         Outdoor: The outdoors provides an excellent environment full of enrichment for inquisitive cats. Cats with access to the outdoors require a strong immune system to help keep them healthy whilst they play and explore. Our recipe has been formulated with added Vitamin E to help support the immune system and maintain their natural defences.


Extremely playful cats may require a recipe that is able to complement their active lifestyle. Our recipe has been formulated with a high energy content which can help to meet the increased energy demands of active cats. It is also rich in high quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids to help maintain strong muscles and keep active joints healthy.

          Senior: As felines become older (7+ years), their nutritional requirements can start to change as they may become less active, spend more time indoors or develop a slower metabolism.

     Our complete recipes are formulated to provide high quality protein, fewer calories and added l-carnitine to help enable your cat to maintain their optimum weight and healthy lean muscles as they mature. It’s also enriched with our joint care pack to help support aging joints and maintain good mobility. This means that senior cats can continue to enjoy mealtimes to the full without compromising on taste

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