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Summer .... Hot not only for humans but also for animals

Published : 13/07/2021 15:32:34
Categories : Health

      Summer .... Hot not only for humans but also for animals. Just think how a four-legged one with a dense coat feels on a hot day ... And if the coat is dark and the pet is big, the heat can become an enemy. How to enjoy all the pleasures of summer without worries?

Symptoms that a pet is at risk of overheating include:

-Frequent breathing;
-Elevated body temperature;
-Reluctance to eat or even drink;
-Vomiting and / or diarrhea;
-Impaired coordination.

More prone to overheating:

- Brachycephalic dog breeds such as French or English Bulldogs, Pugs. Their breathing is already limited.
-Overweight dogs - they have an extra layer of fat that traps heat.
-Dogs with dark fur - black absorbs more heat.

Probably the question immediately arises as to how to give first aid to your pet in a timely manner:

-Cool by lying on a cooling mat or cool floor covering;
-Ensure shade and good air circulation;
-Avoid sudden changes in temperature - do not use ice or other extreme means.
- Choose damp towels.
-Give cool water;
-If the situation does not improve - contact your veterinarian immediately.

       Overheating protection measures:

-It is essential to have travel drinkers for animals when traveling;
-Do not leave a pet alone in the car;
-By actively spending time outdoors, cooling vests or sun shirts can become an effective aid against overheating;
-Among the most popular solutions are cooling mats;
-Use Insect Shield ™ mats to protect against ticks and other bloodsuckers in nature
-Ensure that the pet has enough water nearby;
-The pet must have easy access to the shade;
-It is recommended to use ceramic bowls - in them water and food heat up much more slowly;
-If you are in nature where there is a body of water - allow your pet to cool in the water.
-With a patio or terrace, it is possible to build a pool for pets. However, while bathing may seem like the best way to unwind, it is important to choose the right water temperature. Any extreme changes, temperature differences, can harm the animal, so the water should not be icy.

     Let’s enjoy the pleasures of summer safely!!

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