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Robbies Kidney Support For Dogs

Published : 29/09/2015 11:43:10
Categories : Land of Holistic Pets

Robbie's Kidney Support has dried egg powder as its main protein source which is naturally low in phosphorous. The food is intended for dogs that have trouble processing high level of phosphorous found in meat and fish proteins.

The food also contains the Chinese herbal medicine Sheng Di Huang (Rehmannia glutinosa), of which it says its health benefits are mainly focused on two aspects: removing ‘heat’ to ‘cool’ blood, and nourishing Yin while generating body fluid.

Since it is of a sweet-bitter taste and cold nature, it can ‘cool heat’ often associated with metabolising too much phosphorous over time, it says.

A spokesman said: “As a result, it is ideal for warm disease and heat illness that is characterised by excessive thirst and urination amongst many other signs. The herb Astragulus has also been added to the formula to support the immune system and energy levels. Again, the unique feature of this herb is that it avoids overheating.”

The company says holistic health circles recognise that moderate protein (19.5%) combined with low phosphorous levels (0.45%) is better suited for dogs in need of kidney support than foods with both low protein and low phosphorous.

Robbie's Kidney Support, a dehydrated dog food (like the rest of the Robbie's range), requires adding of hot water prior to feeding.

The spokesman added: “The unique aspect of this product is that it is very tasty. Decreased appetite is common in dogs requiring kidney support, as is weight loss. Robbie's Kidney Support is ideal for not only restoring the appetite but has a reasonable and adequate level of fat to support weight gain.”

George Burns, owner of Land Of Holistic Pets, said he was very excited about the prospect of this food helping not only dogs, but also owners and pet shops by providing a reasonable priced quality product for dogs who require support with their kidneys.

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