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Land of Holistic Pets

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George Burns and Debi Brockway Burns own Land of Holistic Pets Ltd which is an independent Scottish Company. The business is based in the heart of Ayrshire - Ironically, close to the birthplace of Robert Burns - Scotland's national poet.

They met about 10  years ago whilst George was running his former pet food business in Scotland – Burns Pet Nutrition (Scotland) Ltd.  Debi was having problems with her cats and emailed him for advice. At the same time, George Burns was looking at the pet food business in the USA and could see many companies advocating Natural Health but few with any meaningful philosophy, other than marketing underpinning their approach. It would be about a year later, George decided to visit the USA and meet a few of the pet food companies and Debi volunteered to help. It was at O’Hare airport, Chicago that they met for the first time. From that point their interest in Natural Health for pets accelerated. They then formed the company Burns Pet health Inc and subsequently the Land of Holistic Pets Ltd in the UK.

Combined, with their mutual interest in the health of pets, it has taken them on many travels, meeting some of the world's renowned authorities in holistic nutrition for pets. In 2006 they joined forces in marriage and It is now George and Debi Burns intention to combine the travels and the knowledge they have gained and to bring it to the "Land of Holistic Pets" so that you can be assured that what they recommend will Do No Harm! and only benefit the health of your pet.

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